Al-Arch Skylights is the exclusive distributor in Quebec of proprietary quality rubber and plastic products for industrial and consumer purposes. Our supplier is Viceroy Rubber and Plastics Ltd., a Canadian manufacturer with a solid 75 years experience in the rubber and plastics business using top production methods and facilities, which they continue to improve.

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Some of our popular items include traffic safety products and hockey pucks (sold in packs of 100 per case). Consumer goods products include hockey products, jar ring preserving products, hot water bottles, rubber bands, erasers, vinyl balls, polyethylene carousel horses and other items. Commercial/Industrial products include industrial displays, metal and rubber bonded suspension pads and "Vibrarail" railway rubber vibration isolation pads.


Hockey Pucks are always in stock at our Warehouse. Please contact us for ordering and for more information.

Hockey Pucks
Hockey Pucks
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cones