-Pre-assembled units allow for faster installation hence minimizing on-site costs.
-Our skylight materials are proven to resist discolouration and hazing, and even loss of strength.
This was proven by our products after more than 25 years of successful outdoor use.
-Our positive curb frame seal stops wind, rain, snow and dust.
-Pliability of the seal permits free expansion of acrylic during atmospheric changes.
-Low conductivity of acrylic results in resistance to the formation of condensation.
-Skylights act as a passive solar heating system and increase in daylight transmission thus resulting in savings on heating and electricity
--All acrylic dome skylights are engineered to meet the National Building code live load requirements.
--They also satisfy fire code requirements when tested in accordance with ULC-S-102.2.
--They are built in conformance with the Canadian government specifications CGSB 63-14-M89. Standard.





Vinyl framed skylights:

Are built with a high impact resistance vinyl inner frame and brown painted aluminum retaining frame. These type of frames are more condensation resistant but are not to be used in longer lengths than 5'-0" due to expansion and contraction.


Aluminum framed skylights:

Utilizes a combination of vinyl and aluminum. These types of frames are stronger, have better weatherability and less expansion and contraction. The no Frost 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy, mill finished frame comes with an optional Duracon® (Thermosetting acrylic) 100 architectural metal finish which is available in a wide range of colours as a special order.


Commercial skylights and Residential skylights over 5 feet (or 5252 models) are all built with aluminum frames.