Details for Acrylic Dome Skylights for Flat Rooftop - (CMDDCC) standard sizes

Skylights are factory assembled and designed in Canada by Allied Plastics Inc. 

Standard skylights listed below are available in stock. They are double dome (double glazed) and clear (transparent). *

For single or triple glazed, or tinted. Or for any size not found on this page, pls. consult our Custom Sizes and Designed Acrylic Dome Skylights page.


 Curb mount opener acrylic dome skylights are available in standard sizes or custom via special order. They are double dome only and have a mosquito net and manual or mechanical handle.

We have single lenses available for replacement on an existing acrylic dome skylight.

Acrylic Dome Skylights for Flat Roof - Standard models and replacement domes
Alarch Lanterneaux Acrylic Dome Skylights for Flat Roof - All Stock Items



Each skylight for flat rooftop consists of an outer dome with a single piece of cast acrylic that can withstand a minimum live load of 40 lbs per square foot (195kg per meter2), and an inner acrylic dome.  A frost-free (and condensation)and scratch-free extruded white vinyl frame and an aluminum outer retaining frame (painted brown) completes the unit.

To be installed on a 1 1/2 inch (38 mm) curb by means of wood screws through holes in inner frame.  The recommended size when choosing your skylight is aproximately 5% of the floor space in the room that will have the skylight overhead.

*Standard sized skylights over 52 " have a dual leg mount and a 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy, mill finished curb frame.

acrylic dome skylight dual leg Curb mount details
3676CMDDCC dual leg Curb mount details
Curb details for acrylic dome skylights  (Flat Rooftop)
Curb details for acrylic dome skylights
single lens dimensions for acrylic dome skylights (flat roof)
single lens dimensions for acrylic dome skylights
Acrylic dome skylights flat roof from inside
CMDDCC skylights from inside



-All dome skylights are designed to adjust within the rafters of the roofs of average homes. 

-All skylights are built to withstand all kinds of atmospheric conditions. 

-Their acrylic domes are durable, shatterproof, will not get deformed over time, nor get damaged by the  hottest summer sun. 

-They also allow increased light transmission due to their clarity.

-As long as the skylights are installed in the proper manner, the positive curb frame seal guarantees protection from the elements.

-Grooves and channels in the frame evacuate any condensation from extreme humidity.


Each skylight for flat rooftop has a 5 year warranty starting from their date of installation- to be free from material and manufacturing defect.

Note: This warranty only covers the repair or the replacement of the unit.

Curb Mount Acrylic Dome Skylight for Flat Rooftop
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